BJ (remjin) wrote in renfurs,

Any Dragons, Dragon lovers, or Puppet Lovers? Puppet for Sale!

Hoping there are some Furs around that would love a puppet like this one. :)

I brought this guy at the Texas Renaissance Festival from the awesome puppet makers Imaginarium Galleries ( They are masters at making what they call "drabbits": Small dragon-rabbit creatures with TONS of personality.

The puppet sits on your shoulder (left or right). It has "feet" in the front to drape over your shoulder and "feet" in the back to either situate inside of your clothing/costume for extra support or to just drape over. He has one cord that will be situated inside your clothing/costume and down your sleeve. This cord allows you to bob his head "yes" or shake his head "no".

I hate having to sell him but in all honesty someone can put him to better use than I can and I am very short of money.

Seeking $250.
Purchase through eBay or contact me at for any information.
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