alfonse_vusaers (alfonse_vusaers) wrote in renfurs,

Texas Renaissance Festival

The Texas Renfaire starts up on the 2nd Saturday in October and runs for 8 weekends, I went last year for the first time as Alfonse and so many people were amazed at my mask. To see some pictures of me, go to and type in TRF or Texas Renaissance Faire and you should evenually find some pictures of me there. I attended Scarbourgh Faire in Waxahachie Texas this last spring and again, many were amazed by my mask, to see some pictures of me there, go to , check out Scarborough 2008, and you will see pictures of Alfonse at the Court Dance, yes, I was able to dance with the court ladies, and all enjoyed dancing with a fox. If anyone can make it to TRF this year, you will see me there too.

Alfonse Vusaers

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