LadyXan (ladyxan) wrote in renfurs,


lavendergem and thewhiteotter reminded me about the RenFaire and that I forgot to post our pics, so here they are...

The gal in the purple gown is Grayce. The overcoat she is wearing in the full length picture is white with purple embroidery that she did herself. She is so talented! As is her husband. She asked if anyone could watch her tent while she went to watch her husband joust. He is part of the Joust Evolution performers. I volunteered to watch her tent and she gave me the little white bead w/ purple hearts (Beads by Grayce is her tent). I photographed all the things we brought home from the faire, plus the photo we received for assistance all day in the photo (Unforgettables) tent. They definitely need to invest in lighting for the photos. Otherwise, we enjoyed ourselves and will definitely go back, even as a vendor again. =D

I am looking into illuminations, but have yet to receive an AoA scroll. I also need to look into paints and brushes as well. Maybe I will ask for them for Christmas! =D
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