Kendricks Redtail (ken_redtail) wrote in renfurs,
Kendricks Redtail

Children's Costume For Sale

The mate and I are trying to clear out some of our old stuff that we don't use/need anymore in order to pay a couple extra bills. One of these things is her daughter's size 3-4 Ren Faire costume, which she has outgrown by now. It includes shoes, skirt, bodice, chemise, and bloomers. The grommets on the bodice are stitched over and it has a matching hand braided lace. If anyone is interested, I can get you pictures.  The bodice is a rose tapestry, brown skirt, brown shoes, muslin bloomers and chemise.  On hot days she just wore the bloomers and chemise and it worked as a simple costume.  I'd like to get at least $75 for it, as the shoes themselves are rather expensive, similar to the style that was available from dreamshoes.
Interested parties can contact Emily at
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