Kendricks Redtail (ken_redtail) wrote in renfurs,
Kendricks Redtail

Hello there! As a few of you I may not have met, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Doctor and I do a bit of traveling. For example recently, I gathered a few friends, my companion Nikolai, Kate and Dr. Sabrina McCoy and took off in the TARDIS to 16th century England to the small port city of Bristol in the year 1574. Nikolai begged to take his camera along and take a few photos, so I relented and said, ok, a FEW.

There, I met up with an old friend, John the smith, and caught up on the latest happenings. Seemed ol Queen Bess was in town (as I'd hoped) for a royal visit and the townfolk were having a celebration!

I headed over to the camp to visit with the court and ran into another old friend, one of the Queen's top doctors. Knowing I myself was a Doctor, he proceeded to ask me about Her Majesty's latest headaches and the proper application of leeches, to which the I offered a suitable alternative, something called Bayer.

The rest of the photographs were lost when I ran into Walsingham, who remembed another unfortunate incident with Leela and ordered the guards to chain us up, to which I grabbed my companions and ran as fast as I could back to the TARDIS. Nikolai ruined some of the film in his camera during the chase.

Thus my holiday was cut short. A real shame, I had wanted to pop in on a few old friends while I was there, like young Will Shakespeare. He's still in school then, but already starting to write a short little tale about Richard III.
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