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Renaissance Faire
Good morrow lads, lasses, wenches, rogues, knights, musketeers, dancers, bards and gypsies!

Here you may find all sorts of strange people, of all walks of lives and all manner of species, be it wolf or fox or raccoon or dragon, all with one love and that is the merry olde times of the Renaissance.

This community is for furries who love Renaissance Faires (as well as SCA and Amtgard and such), renactment, garbwearing and the like. All are welcome here and all topics-related to RenFaires are welcome, be it you showing off your latest garments or organizing a trip to the Faires. We would like to encourage discussion about topics such as garment making (think of this as the Ren garb edition of fursuit), why we love Faires, baudy tales of Faire memories and all the other sort. We also would like this community to be able to coordinate events both locally and nationwide and provide an event calendar for the Ren Faire events! There is enough of us who share love of both furry and Renaissance Faires, it's time we bring ourselves together in a community!

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact the moderators, which are ken_redtail or samiitiger!

Come, share ale, hearty laughter, and pictures of yourself in a fine cleavage-enhancing bodice (regardless of gender).